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Media Innovation Mastermind Group

An invitation-only opportunity for 12 forward-thinking media executives

Eric Shanfelt

A note from Eric Shanfelt, Founding Partner of eMedia Strategist

The media landscape is changing faster than ever. As the leader of a media company, you need to navigate your team through these changes and grow your business successfully.

It’s a difficult and sometimes lonely job. And there are very few people who understand the challenges and pressures that you face.

That’s why I’m so excited about my new Media Innovation Mastermind Group. It’s an opportunity for you to work together with me and a close-knit group of non-competitive peers to help your business thrive in the middle of change.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked closely with many media company leaders. The ones that were the most successful at navigating change had four things in common:

  • An innate desire to innovate and adapt.
  • A simple structure to help them succeed.
  • Guidance from someone who’s been there.
  • A trusted peer group to lean upon.

Just by considering this group, you’ve already demonstrated a desire to innovate and adapt. Here’s how this mastermind group addresses the other three elements …

The Structure

Of course, digital innovation will be a major focus of the group. We’ll dive into everything from email development, using digital to drive print and events, digital advertising, and reader-side revenue, to mobile, video, SEO, social media, data, CRM, analytics, vendor pricing, legal aspects and much more.

We’ll have the opportunity to go beyond digital and dive into topics like company organization, valuations, exit strategies and even leadership development and personal productivity / leadership development.

The group will meet each month for a 90-minute online video conference call. But we’ll also have the ability to interact throughout the month as desired and I’d like to host to host the group in-person at least once a year.

The Guide

This Media Innovation Mastermind Group is different from a typical peer-led group because I personally lead it and bring my nearly 25 years of digital media experience to the table.

In my career, I’ve served as the SVP of Digital for Penton Media, Interweave (F+W), Virgo Publishing (Informa) and HarperCollins Christian Publishing. In each case, we grew rapidly grew our audiences and revenues and transformed the companies into digital innovators. We launched multiple, highly-successful, multi-million-dollar digital revenue streams with advertising, event, e-commerce, data and subscription revenue streams.

As a consultant, I’ve helped dozens of other B2B, consumer and regional media companies adapt and grow their businesses as well.

Of everything that I do, this group is my top priority. Why? Because I have a passion for helping media companies really succeed and enjoy the professional and personal relationships I’ve developed with the execs I’ve worked with.

When I was the SVP of Digital at Penton, I reported directly to the CEO, David Nussbaum. On the corner of the whiteboard in my office, I wrote four lines that I never erased the entire time I was there:

  • Serve David and make him successful.
  • Serve my team and make them successful.
  • Serve my peers and make them successful.
  • Serve our readers and advertisers and make them successful.

As part of the Media Innovation Mastermind Group, I make that same commitment to you. My goal is to serve you and help your company be as successful as possible.

The Peer Group

This is another key ingredient to a successful group. You’ll be part of a close-knit group of other C-suite media company executives that are hand-picked from similar, but non-competitive companies. We’ll be open and honest with each other, willing to share successes and challenges together, and committed to helping each other succeed.

To make sure the group has the right dynamic, I ask potential members to fill out a brief online application and talk with me one-on-one over the phone or Skype. I’ll also ask other group members for input on whether a new applicant would be a good fit.

This Isn’t For Everyone

This is a very unique and exclusive group for C-suite media executives, but it isn’t for everyone. It is indeed a paid group that costs $695 per month if paid a year in advance or $795 if paid monthly.

However, I have no doubt that you’ll see at least 10-15x this investment in new revenue streams, cost-efficiencies and growth opportunities, access to unique resources and connections, and a personal focus on your business.

Take the Next Step

Click the link below to fill out a quick online application. I’ll review it and then schedule a call together with you to answer any questions you have and help you determine if the group is a good fit you.

Or feel free to call me if you have any questions and would like to chat before applying. The group is already filling up, so I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Eric Shanfelt


What Are the Benefits?

Company Value

Keep up with digital innovation and grow your company value. We’ll explore new audience, advertising, and reader revenue ideas, technologies, trends, organization, valuations and much more.


A fresh perspective can breath new life into your business. This mastermind group will give you new ideas and insights on the challenges and opportunities you face right now.


The leader, experts and group members all bring a wealth of partners, vendors, strategies and contacts that can help you find the right people, resources and models to grow your business.


This is an opportunity to build strong peer relationships – and even friendships – to help with difficult business decisions, provide accountability in reaching your goals and celebrate your wins.

Personal Access

Group members have direct access to me via email or phone for occasional quick questions. I’ll also share some personal technology ideas and solutions with the group that I know you’ll find useful.

How Does It Work?


Group members are either invited to join by the rest of the group or can apply to join. Applicants must go through a video interview with me and must be approved by the rest of the group.

Monthly Video Conference

The group meets once per month via online video conference for 90 minutes. We’ll use standard video conferencing software and I’ll help get you setup. We’ll also try to meet in person once a year.

What We’ll Cover

Each month, we’ll choose a specific topic or strategy to explore. This discussion will be led either by me or by a leading industry expert and we’ll all share our experiences and ideas together.

The “Hot Seat”

Each month one member gets the “hot seat” … a time to talk specifically about the challenges and opportunities you face with your business and tap into the collective wisdom of the group.


I ask each member to spend at least 12 months in the group to get the most benefit. You can go month-to-month, but there is also a significant discount if you commit to a year in advance.

About Eric Shanfelt

For over 20 years, Eric has helped hundreds of consumer and B2B magazine, book, and event companies use digital strategies to build their businesses. He’s been the SVP of Digital for Penton Media, Interweave, Virgo Publishing, and HarperCollins Christian Publishing and has launched multiple, highly-successful, multi-million-dollar online businesses with advertising, e-commerce and subscription revenue streams. Eric focuses on proven, practical digital strategies to help grow your business.

What Others Say About Eric

The majority of digital experts have the technical side down, but lack the strategic. With Eric, you get the whole package: a deep understanding of media objectives, clear guidance, and execution to drive revenue.

Joe Pulizzi

CEO, Content Marketing Institute

Eric is the most knowledgeable person I know regarding how to generate more online revenue and grow audiences. An added plus is that he’s the nicest guy in the world and super fun to work with. A very nice combination!

Carl Landau

CEO, Niche Media

As an experienced media exec, Eric combines vision and execution to deliver strong revenue and profit growth. He works with all levels of an organization enabling internal teams to own the process and get quick results.

David Nussbaum

CEO, America's Test Kitchen

Everything I know about digital audience development, I learned from Eric. He is a wealth of information and is always willing to share generously. With his guidance, BizWest is finally producing quality digital news products.

Jeff Nuttall

Publisher, BizWest Media

Eric is one of those rare individuals who can create a well-integrated strategy across a variety of channels AND help with tactical implementation, as well. On top of that, he’s engaging, articulate, and a pleasure to work with.

David Pyle

Managing Director, New Hope

It’s one thing to strategize at 30,000 feet and another to turn big ideas into reality. Eric worked with our sales, audience development, editorial, marketing and tech teams to really move the needle on our digital business.

Gretchen Brown

CEO, Athletic Business Media